Jan 14, 2012

Of time to come..,


::Time is funny thing::
Time is a funny thing, because when one is hard pressed to do something, then one can finish it in a quick and efficient manner but when one has too much time in one's hand, then the efficiency simply goes down. Don't take time as being something absolute, the human consciousness may very well be intimately intertwined with time itself.

And stop saying things like I don't care about politics, or I don't want to get involved in society because I'm bad at communicating with people; the fact is, very few people are good with people. In fact, if you're bad at it, then it is precisely why you should do it.

We always say that the youth are the agents of change, and we always look to the time of the Prophet as being such a good example of this but we seldom take a step back and think, what have I done for the betterment of society? do I even care enough about society to act?? ask ourself..

And acting does not mean looking at people in society that needs help, but never talk to any of those so-called troubled people and try to understand them, much less help them. All we do is scorn at them.

Doing something is not that hard, one only needs a few hours in a week to help (compare that to the amount of unnecessary sleep that one gets), and there is always room for more people, if one decides to join, that is.

It is funny that we say we study hard in the university for the sake of ALLAH and that we will contribute to His cause when we work, when in reality we sit in our own corner, doing enough to satisfy our whims, and do the bare minimum for Islam.

Funny, isn't it? When students say 'I want to be an Islamic doctor,' or 'I want to be an Islamic engineer,' when all they do is read books, pass exams, get a job, get a spouse, buy a big house, produce some kids, and die.

Now that, is funny..dO u think sO.,?

stop saying things like I don't care about politics, or I don't want to get involved in society...
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# meet my next post soon.,insyaallah

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محمد حذوان بن حميدان said...

salam ziarah..
wah first time post dlm english ni..mcm omputih pulok tgk..
bgs2..pngisian yg pnuh trsurat dn trsirat.
keep writing sis (^_^)

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